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Festival International Polytechnic Admission 2016

Events largest annual enrollment of Polytechnic University. Opportunity to learn and apply direct recruitment formal training programs of high quality, advanced, Link International, Japanese Strengthen on Sunday, 07/10/2016.

Festival International Polytechnic Admission 2016 is the largest event of annual enrollment of Polytechnic University (VNU-HCM), for candidates and parents interested in formal training programs Quality highly advanced, link International, Japanese Strengthening of the university.

The main activities of the festival include:

The School Board to share about the legality and commitment to quality of the program.
FAQ directly with teachers of Science, representatives of partner universities in Australia / USA / Japan, the alumni vienve: conditional admissions, curriculum, standards of English, learning environment, staff faculty, facilities, scholarships policies, transition process to study, exchange of students, diplomas, career prospects ...
Published official information on 5 new study will be carried out in formal training programs of high quality in 2016, including Food Technology, Environmental Engineering, Automotive Engineering Technology, Engineering Technology Art Building materials, Construction technology Transport Construction.
Apply for admission directly and get on the English exam schedule.
View Festival International Polytechnic Admission 2015.

Come to the festival, students and parents have the opportunity to visit the large campus of Polytechnic University - which is known as the green lungs of District 10 and is one of the largest university covers an area of ​​the inner city .

In addition, the festival also has games and exciting performances, and many attractive gifts, bearing the stamp of the University of Technology.

Certainly after the 2016 national high school exams tough, contestants were mentally calculate the total points will be achieved and less oriented industries will be selected. Festival International Polytechnic Admission 2016 is an opportunity for students to consolidate their career options; as well as consulting the school curriculum in line with capacity, aspirations and conditions of ourselves if still hesitant.

More than 1,000 students and parents attended and apply for admission at the Polytechnic Admissions Day International in 2015.

These concerns and queries of students and parents about discipline, curriculum, admissions conditions ... will be effective Polytechnic University Board, representatives of Faculty, University partners USA / Australia / Japan, alumni answered.

If still hesitate to choose the industry, come to attend the Festival of International Student Recruitment Polytechnic school in 2016 for consultation