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Ceremony Master training course, Dr. Key 1st 2016

Polytechnic University - VNU - HCM will host the opening ceremony of the training course MSc, PhD courses in 2016 and received the decision of the National University - HCM about digging PhD Construction Management in the morning of 13 / 8/2016.

This is also a time marked more than 35 years of postgraduate education at the University of Technology (1990-2016). In recent years, the school has trained more than 10,000 masters and 200 PhD cater for the construction and development of the country in the South in particular and the country in general.

On this occasion, the National University - HCM will also decide the task given training qualifications PhD Construction Management, bringing the number of Ph.D.'s training school over 30 branches. Besides, the school is currently training 37 Sector Master and features 12 joint training programs doctoral degree with Griffith University - Australia.

With traditional get quality for the first criteria, the school has always focused update programs for postgraduate education proximity to scientific and technological trends of the world and fit the training needs of society .

Besides, the quality of service towards student satisfaction has always been enhancing investment, continuous improvement. Polytechnic University is proud to be the first in Vietnam to implement a survey to assess the satisfaction of graduate students and fellows, performed regularly for over 10 years.

I invite you / She, fellow practitioners, researchers and students attended the opening ceremony of training courses Masters, PhD courses in 2016 phase 1 of the Polytechnic University.