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With 11 branches of foreign languages; 6 subjects other than languages, teaching and learning a foreign language perfectly; 6 training centers and international cooperation ... Hanoi University is proud to be the leading educational institutions of the country for training and research on foreign language and foreign language majors.
Founded in 1959 with the first name of Foreign Languages ​​University, spent more than half a century of operation, the University has gradually asserted its position as a public university prestige in foreign language training at all three level Bachelor, Master, PhD. This is also the first university of Vietnam formal training 6 specialized degree programs entirely in English.
Training high-quality human resources, capable of integration based on strong international language "is the strategic goals of the school. Therefore, the form of formal training, specialized teaching in English and Japanese were deployed here in 2002, attracted contestants such as business Administration, Tourism, Information technology, Finance and Banking, accounting, International school. Schools are actively expand the scale and diversification of the types of training to advance to open new subjects taught in French, Chinese, Italian ... to meet the needs of integration.
Regarding international cooperation, the University tries to maximize the development of bilateral cooperation programs for the exchange of teachers, students and scientific research. Strong language was developed maximum, per student, the school teacher can be an "ambassador" promoting the image of the University abroad. Currently, Hanoi University has signed cooperation agreements with over 70 universities and foreign institutions.
Students also have access to an international level through a continuous training program with many prestigious universities of 20 countries: UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Belgium Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia ...
Solid knowledge and skills competently, confidently communicate in foreign languages ​​and information technology master's student strengths to find employment easily after graduation.
"Dynamic - Confident
Good at foreign languages ​​- Firmly expertise "
Teaching and research quality
Teachers are the key to success on. 90% of teachers are formally trained and professional development annually at prestigious universities in the world. Staff are trained, serious style, work effectively.
A key task of the school is to encourage other teachers and students to participate in scientific research and application in practice. The strength of scientific research language, including language teaching subjects; Research-civilized culture was confirmed. School has been implementing many research projects and international countries such as: Application Reference Framework European Languages ​​(CEFR), Project Asia Link (the UK, Ireland, China), Innofle ( Belgium, Laos) ... the school's governing body of the "Journal of foreign language learning" - the only specialized journal Vietnam's current scientific research on foreign language.
Strong expertise, modern teaching methods, friendly ...
Hanoi University prides itself on highly qualified human resources around.
Dynamic, proactive
Professional mastering, good at foreign languages, rapid integration capabilities, those that have created confidence, each student dynamic in Hanoi University. Outside school hours, students are also enthusiastic members in many volunteer activities of Union-Association, clubs: Hanu Job, Guitar, English VOH, P-Club, Blood Donation, SIFE-HANU , etc.
Learning efforts, improve knowledge of students was rewarded with many prestigious scholarships, "Ambassador of Culture" in the exchange program International Student Exchange by the US State Department funded 2008 , the first students matriculated Vietnam intern program at Microsoft Corp. 3 months; as well as the grand prize in the competition at home and abroad as the Championship contest Global Financial Analysis 2011 (CFA Research Challenge).
"Languages, the key
to success"
The international environment
Opportunity to exchange multicultural campus is also an important factor to enhance the integration capabilities of faculty members and students. Every year, the Hanoi University welcomes hundreds of visitors professors, lecturers and international experts to visit, exchange experiences and to teach students.
With thousands of foreign students come from 22 countries, considered Hanoi University international students as part of their daily lives: they brought diverse colors and richer environments for learning School collection.
International environment within Vietnam
help students adapt to life integration right from the first year in college.
Technology plays an important role in the process of innovation and development of the University. Infrastructure systems, equipment for learning, research and other activities in schools is increasingly being upgraded and perfected:
System 20 computer labs teaching and learning of foreign languages, room cabin taught professional services, teaching-learning remote room to reach European standards, at the forefront of foreign language schools in Vietnam;
Versatile cargo dozen classrooms (multimedia) with hundreds of networked computer, installed the software language learning modern subjects;
Electronic network of internal management with more than 500 office computers, register elective courses, online class time helps students actively in learning;
Library opening with over 50,000 books, 2,000 tapes, CDs, over 200 networked computers (operating 16/24 hours / day);
Wireless system technology coverage School allows students to study anytime, anywhere;
-The Student eating clean, ensure food safety; dormitories to meet accommodation for thousands of students in Vietnam and abroad; stadium for many sports.